Multidisciplinary Team Meetings

At Lancaster Medical Practice we are continually trying to optimise the care of our patients. Sometimes we need to discuss a patient’s care in a Multidisciplinary Team Meeting (MDT). An MDT is a collection of health and social care professionals who meet on a regular basis in order to discuss how to best manage a patient’s care. We would normally discuss patients in very specific circumstances: 

  • Frail and/ or complex patients with long term conditions
  • Patients presenting in multiple settings and/ or attending health care settings frequently
  • Patients who are struggling to manage their health
  • Patients who are struggling to cope at home

We do not routinely contact patients before we discuss them in an MDT but we will contact a patient if they have been discussed in an MDT and they require extra care and/ or support. We will only discuss information that is relevant to ongoing care and all members of the MDT are bound by the NHS code of practice on confidentiality. If you wish, you may opt out of the MDT process by contacting the practice. Please do contact us if you require any more information regarding MDTs at Lancaster Medical Practice.