Fees and Charges for Non NHS Work

Please note payment in advance is required for all these services
Methods of payment – debit/credit card or cash
(May 2022)

GP Medical report – opinion only£110.00
GP Medical report – completion of pro-forma only£89.50
GP Medical report – completion of lengthy pro-forma and opinion£133.00
GP Supplementary reports£27.00
GP private medical examination in surgery and written report£110 + length of appt
Home VisitsPriced on request
GP private consultation (per 15 minutes)£38.50
Copies of records (print off)Free
Copies of records (paper)Free
GP Private prescription£30.00
Blue badge report only£25.15
DWP GP factual report£33.50
GP general letter (up to 1 side of A4)£27.50
GP general letter (1-2 sides of A4)£55.00
Adoption/fostering medical£81.25
VOC GP certificate DVLA£12.50
GP series 2 report DVLA£40.00
DVLA report with examination£85.00
Fit to travel (no examination)£33.00
Basic medical form£33.00
Complex medical form£63.00
Private sick note£22.00
Army medical report£65.00
Driver medical (30 minute appointment)£93.50
British Council fitness to participate (no appointment)£30.00
British Council fitness to participate (with 15 min appointment)£65.00
University student fit to resume studies£33.00
Student medical certificate / GP private sickness certificate£18.00
Form / proforma (not including power of attorney etc)£33.00
Immunisation form with signature£18.00
MOD report£39.09
Police medical history questionnaire£30.00
Solicitors report – no examination£104.00