Leaving the Practice

Moving to another UK GP Practice

If you are moving out of the our practice boundary (please see below) or have decided to change to another GP Practice you will be required to register with the new practice.

Once you have registered with your new practice (regardless of where that practice is based within the UK), you will automatically be de-registered with Lancaster Medical Practice. We will send your medical records to Primary Care Support England (PCSE)* for forwarding to your new practice. Please note this process can take up to 8 weeks.

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the surgery is able to provide patients with a computer print-off from your clinical records and copies of any relevant medical letters should you be undergoing specific treatments at the time of leaving.

*PCSE operates as a partnership agreement between PCTs in the North West to deliver cost-effective high-quality administrative support services. For further information visit the PCSE website

Moving Abroad

Please inform us if you are moving abroad so we can update our records accordingly.

Our Practice Boundary

Catchment Area

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