Meet the Team

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Meet Our Doctors

Priory Clinical Team

Covers North and Central areas based from Scale Hall, Owen Road, Dalton Square and Meadowside.
  • Dr Sinead Errington (f)
  • Dr Christian Harris (m)
  • Dr Victoria Harrison (f)
  • Dr Suzie Howitt (f)
  • Dr Monira Khanom
  • Dr Babjide Kuye
  • Dr Emily Mills (f)
  • Dr Dili Satha (f)
  • Dr Iain Smith (m)
  • Dr Michelle Stewart (f)

Cathedral Clinical Team

Covers North and Central areas based from Owen Road, Dalton Square and Meadowside.
  • Dr Simon Brown (m)
  • Dr Tony Dickinson (m)
  • Dr Howard Fairhurst (m)
  • Dr Beni Lawrence (f)
  • Dr Anna Mathew (f)
  • Dr Michael Price (m)
  • Dr Sivakumar (m)
  • Dr Joanna Smith (f)
  • Dr Shwetha Tonachinakuppe (f)
  • Dr Sarah Wicks (f)

Ashton Clinical Team

Covers South and Central area based from King Street, Rosebank, Lancaster University and Meadowside.
  • Dr Jane Bass (f)
  • Dr Mark Denver (m)
  • Dr Rachel Gilbert (f)
  • Dr Kirsty Hagan (f)
  • Dr Paul Hanlon (m)
  • Dr Matt Jones (m)
  • Dr Pru Knight (f)
  • Dr Karen Oliver (f)
  • Dr Emma Quayle (f)
  • Dr Mike Wong (m)

Castle Clinical Team

Covers South and Central areas based from King Street, Rosebank, Lancaster University and Galgate.
  • Dr Lesley Braddock (f)
  • Dr Richard Carruthers (m)
  • Dr Damien Cheema (m)
  • Dr Michael Corbett (m)
  • Dr John Crawford (m)
  • Dr Helen Darby (f)
  • Dr Nour Ghazal (m)
  • Dr Duncan Hallam (m)
  • Dr Rahul Keith (m)
  • Dr Gavin Torr (m)
  • Dr Kirstin Wong (f)

Meet Our Multi-Professional Clinical Team

We have a large, highly qualified team of clinicians led by our Nurse Partner, Bridget Kingcox.

Advanced Clinical Practitioners

Advanced Clinical Practitioners are specialist clinicians who are highly trained to examine, assess and prescribe. They work closely with our GPs in providing a high standard of medical care. They are trained to Masters degree level and are able to treat a wide variety of illnesses and conditions.


  • Peter Adams
  • Sharon Brown


  • Claire Boardman
  • Emma Hodgson
  • Russell Murray (Trainee)


  • Jenny Archer
  • Peter Heald
  • Courtney Lister (Trainee)


  • ML Billington
  • Hannah Brown
  • Bridget Kingcox

Specialist Clinicians

We are also able to offer our patients a wide range of specialised care from our multi-professional clinical team.


  • Jason Blezard (Mental Health Practitioner)
  • Lindsie Greenwood (Health and Wellbeing Coach)
  • Lara Kitson (Health and Wellbeing Coach/HCA)
  • Kim Page (Frailty Matron)
  • Alison Robinson (First Contact Physiotherapist)
  • Jane Wynn (Paramedic Practitioner)


  • Jan Lees (Paramedic Practitioner)
  • Suzanne Tomlinson (Mental Health Practitioner)
  • Ashleigh Wrigglesworth (Mental Health Practitioner)


  • Yaseen Gani (First Contact Physiotherapist)
  • Amanda Parkinson (Mental Health Pharmacist)
  • Rachael Price (Frailty Matron)


  • Andrew Alexander (Health and Wellbeing Coach)
  • Cath Harris (Paramedic Practitioner)
  • Paul Houghton (Mental Health Practitioner)

Practice Nurses

Practice Nurses are experienced nurses with specialist knowledge in chronic disease management such as diabetes and respiratory problems.  They also provide a wide range of services including travel health advice and vaccinations, injections, family planning, health checks and cervical screening.


  • Lisa Allison
  • Elaine Barton
  • Vicki Marsh
  • Olivia Paterson


  • Finn Ayrton
  • Rebekah Hall
  • Lizzie Holmes
  • Ellie Sloane


  • Zoe Davis
  • Abby Grimwood
  • Catherine Wann


  • Suzanne Anderton
  • Tiff Erulkeroglu
  • Abby Hartley
  • Suzie Manning
  • Becky Parkinson
  • Natasha Wooldridge

Research Nurses

Clinical research is essential for continually improving standards of patient care.  Research Nurses play a vital role in ensuring clinical research studies run smoothly and that participants are safe and fully informed.
  • Helen Wadeson and Angie Hall.

Assistant Practitioner

An assistant practitioner is an HCA who has undergone extra training and is qualified to carry out chronic disease reviews as well as the duties below.

  • Kerry Conroy

Nursing Associate

Nursing associates are a new role within the NHS. Nursing associates work with HCAs and registered nurses to deliver care for patients and the public.
  • Stephen Hall

Health Care Assistants

Health Care Assistants are important members of the team supporting the nursing staff and doctors.  Their services include blood sampling, blood pressure testing (including 24 hours blood pressure monitoring), administering some vaccines and injections, ECG’s, assisting with minor operations and health checks.


  • Wendy Baldwin
  • Sam Layton
  • Mary Kate Winstanley


  • Sophie Howard
  • Rachel Suzme
  • Michelle Thompson


  • Denise Brown
  • Leah Curwen
  • Mary Farrell
  • Michelle Winder


  • Delia Gaskell
  • Sally Moores
  • Hannah Tipper

Meet Our Pharmacists

Lancaster Medical Practice are fortunate to be able to offer appointments with a clinical pharmacist. These are highly qualified health professionals who train for a number of years to become specialists in medicines and how they work. They work as part of the general practice team to improve value and outcomes from medicines. This includes providing extra help to manage long-term conditions, advice for those on multiple medicines and better access to health checks.  All pharmacists are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.


  • Keeley Mcgill


  • Tamsin Large
  • Michelle Porter


  • Amanda McGartland
  • Moin Patel


  • Teni Olufon

Meet Our Clinical Care Coordinators

  • Denise Breheny – PCN Social Prescriber
  • Anita Bardsley – ICC Clinical Care Coordinator
  • Chris Whalley – ICC Clinical Care Coordinator
  • Julie Pearson – ICC Clinical Care Coordinator

*ICC: Integrated Care Community | PCN: Primary Care Network