Lancaster District Digital Directory is here!

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The Lancaster District Digital Directory is managed by Lancaster Integrated Care Community (ICC) and Lancaster District Community and Voluntary Solutions (CVS) and you can use it to find out about services and activities delivered by community-based groups and the public sector across Lancaster.

The directory helps you to get in touch with services that provide support, no matter what your stage in life or needs might be. It features groups and organisations working with:

  • Families, children and young people
  • Older people
  • People with specific physical and mental health needs
  • People who need advice on money, debt and housing
  • Households who require help with food and nutrition
  • Those who need social care and support
  • People interested in finding social events and hobbies

Visit to browse over 150 listings of services, contact details, and information about referral pathways and holistic support available locally.