New appointments available to book online

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We now have a number of different appointment types that you can book directly into via the NHS App, and Patient Access:

Cervical Screening

Cervical screening (smear test) appointments are only available to those who are eligible – i.e. you have been invited by the practice or have received a letter from Primary Care England.

B12 Injections

These appointments are not for a first B12 injection. If have not had a B12 injection before, contact the practice using Online Consult or ring 01524 551551 as you may need to have a blood test.

Please check if you are due your next injection before booking these appointments.

Childhood Immunisations

Book your child’s 8, 12 or 16 week vaccinations, and also pre school boosters. Please make sure your child is due the relevant vaccination before booking, or we will have to cancel the appointment.

Suture, staple or clip removals

Please do not book into these appointments if you had your treatment privately.

You should only book these online appointments if you are eligible. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment, and the clinician may decline to see you if you have booked the appointment inappropriately.

How to sign up to the NHS App and Patient Access

Further appointment types will become available to book soon.