Change to the licence of Mirena Coils  

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There has been a change to the licence of mirena coils if used for contraception, and it has now been approved to extend the use of the device from five years to eight years. For patients that use the mirena coil for contraception purposes only, this means that your coil can now be left in for eight years, and your coil refit date may be extended.  

All patients affected by this change will be contacted by the practice to check what purpose their mirena coil is currently being used for and to understand if they would like their refit date amending in line with the updated guidance. Patients will be contacted in order of refit date, starting with those due soon. 

Mirena coils can now be used for the following durations depending on the purpose it is being used for: 

Purpose New guidance 
For contraception Eight years (changed from five years) 
For heavy bleeding only Five to eight years depending on bleeding patterns 
For HRT Five years (no change) 
Patients aged 45+ years when fitted Can be used until aged 55 if bleeding is controlled  

If a patient is using the mirena coil for HRT purposes, guidance remains the same and it should be replaced after five years of use.   

Further information on this change can be found on the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare website: FSRH CEU Statement: Mirena 8 years contraception (Jan 2024) – Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare 

Patients with any queries about this are encouraged to contact the practice.