Online Consult

We have now introduced a new way to get in contact with the practice: Online Consult.

Contact Lancaster Medical Practice Online Using Online Consult

Online Consult provides a ‘digital front door’ to the practice by guiding you through a series of questions to determine what your query is (both administrative and medical), and what the next steps should be. This could be a number of different local services, self-help advice and support, or your GP practice. Not only does this provide an alternative to calling the practice, but also relieves some of the pressure on our services by reducing the number of unnecessary appointments. This means you will be seen quicker when you need to be. The service also gives you access to a wealth of clinically approved, GP-authored content that covers 91 topics and includes over 200 videos.

You can access the service without registering for online services here, and also via the Patient Access website/app.

It’s important to be aware, however, that Online Consult does not allow you to book into an appointment directly. Instead, if general practice is the most appropriate option for you, we will be notified and one of our team will give you a call in the timeframe shown on screen.

It was also very important to us when deciding on our new online services that urgent issues are not missed. Online Consult makes sure that any potentially urgent conditions are discovered quickly and directed appropriately.

Once you have completed the forms, we will have access to all the information you provided and so we can easily determine the most appropriate clinician or team member to help you.

Online Consult is the only e-consultation solution in the UK to hold the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) CE mark – a distinction that’s recommended by the British Medical Association.